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Porter Brown Bulldogges

Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee


 Porter Brown Bulldogges guarantees that the puppy sold is in good physical health on the date of purchase. At the time of purchase, all puppies will have been checked out by a veterinarian, have had tail docked and be up to date on worming and vaccinations.  Your puppy will come home with a puppy package that includes an IOEBA Registration Application, shot record and sample of puppy food. We work with the puppies and help them with the potty training.  In some cases, IOEBA registration papers and transfers of ownership will be mailed as soon as they are processed.

Deposits, Payments, and Shipping (once deposit has been made we will mail you a copy of this contract and you will sign it and return it to Porter Brown Bulldogges via postal mail or email).

    >Puppies are reserved and held with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit.  They will be reserved on a first received basis and are considered sold when deposit is received.  Deposits/payments must be paid either with cash, personal check, money order or secure Paypal payment.  If Paypal is used, please add 3% to cover their fee.  All payments must clear prior to puppy delivery.  The remaining balance is due when the puppy is six weeks old unless otherwise written.

   >Porter Brown Bulldogges will transport your puppy to you for an agreed price.

   >Puppies that are shipped are at risk for Coccidia, Kennel cough, and Girardia, which is common when dogs are shipped. Other reasons these illnesses may transpire are by a new home, new food, new people, change of climate and surroundings, etc. Full recovery is expected and not life threatening.  Porter Brown Bulldogges will not cover the treatment if any of these situations should arise.

   >The puppy will be shipped to the buyer by the time it is eight weeks old. If 7 days go by with no attempt to make pick up arrangements, the buyer will forfeit the puppy, deposits, and payments made on puppy, unless other arrangements have been made with Porter Brown Bulldogges. 

   >If the puppy or adult dog is ever to be returned to Porter Brown Bulldogges for any reason, all shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility.


 Health Guarantee

   >The purchaser agrees to take this puppy to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 48 hours for a health check.  Porter Brown Bulldogges should be informed immediately of the examination by mailing a signed statement stating the puppy/dog’s health and condition. Should the vet determine the dog to be unfit for purchase due to illness, disease, or congenital disorder, which the cause is clearly attributable to the seller, the buyer may return the puppy within 5 days to the seller at the buyer’s expense with the written diagnosis from the vet. The seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of comparable quality when available from the same litter if available or an upcoming litter. The specific replacement puppy will be chosen by Porter Brown Bulldogges, not the buyer. There is no replacement for Parvo. No monies will be refunded nor will the seller be held accountable for any vet bills. If puppy is not examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours after receival, all guarantees listed are not valid. Note: The seller reserves the right to return a cash refund instead of replacement should the seller decide that sending another puppy is not the best option.

   >If the puppy is examined by two licensed veterinarians within the first 12 months of its life and found to have an untreatable genetic or congenital defect causing death or impairment of the vital functions of the puppy, the buyer has the option of returning the puppy for a replacement. Porter Brown Bulldogges will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value at our first opportunity provided the condition below is met and kept by the buyer. Any illnesses, conditions or defects caused by buyer’s neglect, abuse or mishandling are NOT covered by this health guarantee and a replacement puppy will not be given to the buyer.If your dog is used in any sort illegal activity (dog fighting) or in any extreme sports (weight pulling), or is mistreated, malnourished, abused or not taken care of, this guarantee is completely null and void. Puppies should not be over-fed and become obese as this will affect the puppy’s development, as well as being over-exercised before 18 months of age.  We recommend you switch your puppy to an all life stages food at 6 months of age, which is beneficial for growth.

   >Breeding for health is one of our top priorities; however, we do not cover mange/demodex, entropian, hips, distichia, or cherry eye.  We do not guarantee your puppy will be of breeding quality as they need to be mature to determine that, and do not guarantee them in any way to be able to produce puppies.



   >Porter Brown Bulldogges recommends that the buyer attends obedience classes with puppy and/or provide socialization.  Seller shall not be held responsible for acts of puppy destruction, or puppy/dog behavior actions.  These are the buyer’s responsibilities once the puppy is in its new home. 

Buyer Agrees…

   >The buyer agrees to use at all times the kennel name "Porter Brown's" as the kennel prefix in the registered name as well as said dog’s name in any advertisement of this dog, whether in print or photo publication.

   >The buyer agrees to provide the puppy/dog a safe environment. This includes maintaining up to date vaccines, de-wormer, and to keep the puppy/dog in good condition, which includes proper food, water, and shelter.

   >The buyer agrees to periodically send pictures of the puppy/dog for a minimum of 18 months of age so the breeder can further assess the breeding results. 

   >It is unacceptable to leave your dog tied up outside.  A fenced yard or dog run is recommended for adequate playtime.  A large wire crate is great and recommended for keeping your dog safe inside while you are away. 

   >If the new owner has never owned a dog before, the buyer will attend at least one Puppy Obedience Class to learn about training.

   >Should the buyer, AT ANY TIME, be unable to keep the dog in question, Porter Browns reserves the first option to take the puppy/dog back along with the registration paper.  No refund will be given.

   >The buyer agrees to feed the dog an all-natural diet free of corn, wheat, soy, and artificial ingredients.  Should the owner decide not to follow these instructions, Porter Brown’s guarantee will become null and void.


The buyer and seller agree that this is the full and complete agreement that exists between the parties for the sale of this puppy/dog. Any agreements made prior to this are considered incorporated herein and any modifications made to this agreement shall be made in writing or such shall not be effective. Porter Brown Bulldogge’s reserves the right to terminate this contract and refuse sale to any party who does not put the interest of the puppy/dog first.



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