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Thank you for stopping by!  We are an Olde English Bulldogge breeder located in East Tennessee.  The olde english bulldogge is an outstanding and athletic breed.  We've owned many breeds and this is by far our favorite.  Our first bulldog was a standard english bulldog.  We wanted a healthier, more athletic bulldog and came to know OEB's.  The olde english bulldogge is a recreation of the original bulldog of the 1800's.  A combination of an english bulldog, pit bull, bullmastiff, and american bulldog.  The result was a muscular, medium sized dog of great strength, stability and athleticism. They make excellent family companions and are so sweet with kids.  You will find Olde's to be your protector and shadow; always by your side.  We raise our bulldogges with our kids helping along the way.  Our goal is to produce pups with exceptional health, temperament, and outstanding structure.   

Nutrition is very important to us here at Porter Brown Bulldogges.  Our dogs are fed a natural raw diet that we prepare in small batches.  We alternate between ground raw meals and raw meat with bones.  This way they get to chew and enjoy the meat as they would in the wild.   The dogs are thrilled to eat their meals and the health benefits are endless.  


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